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Referral program

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Invite a friend - and get free license maintenance prolongations!


Do you have a friend or colleague without EurekaLog license? You can use EurekaLog's "Tell-A-Friend" referral program. Share a promo link for 25% discount - and get 50% yourself from your friend's purchases.


1. Send an invitation link to your friends and colleagues, which do not have EurekaLog account yet.
2. Invited friend / colleague gets 25% discount on his first purchase.
3. Once invited person purchases an EurekaLog license - you get 50% from that purchase.
4. You can spend collected bonuses to prolong your licenses for free.



You have to be a EurekaLog's customer with a purchased license in order to participate in referral program. Log in to your account:



Log in to customer's control panel


Once logged in - go to "Buy" page:



Referral status on "Buy" page


You can click on the button to copy your invitation link into clipboard:



Use "Copy" button to copy URL to clipboard


Then paste / send this link to your friends, colleagues, and even post it on social media.



Share invitation URL with people


Anyone who followed this link immediately gets 25% discount for his first purchase:



Your friend gets 25% discount



1. User do not have to purchase immediately. One can open invitation link and leave the web-site. Web-site will remember the invitation for some time. If user will make a purchase within that period, while invitation is still in effect - he will still get a discount, even if he did not opened "Buy" page with the link.
2. Invitation link is permanent and does not expire.
3. Any number of your friends may use the same invitation link. All of them will get a discount.
4. Discount is applicable for new user only - to purchase a new license. Invitation will not work for existing users wishing to upgrade or prolong their existing licenses.


If your friend with active invitation (with 25% discount) makes a purchase - then you will get 50% of what your friend has paid.



Collect bonuses from your friends' purchases


In the example above: you have invited a new user, which has purchased a EurekaLog Professional Company license. Your friend got 25% discount from normal price of $449. So, he paid $338. Therefore, you have collected 50% of $338, which is $169.



1. The purchase must be completed. Just following invitation link is not enough to get any bonuses.
2. You collect bonuses for purchases from new users only. Existing users can not use invitations. E.g. if a user makes purchase with your invitation - you get the bonus. However, if the same user will make any purchase later - you will not get a bonus.
3. Invitation link is permanent and does not expire.
4. Any number of your friends may use the same invitation link. You will get bonuses from all of invited users.
5. You can continue to collect bonuses as long as new users purchase EurekaLog via your invitation URL.


You can spend collected bonuses to prolong maintenance period of your license for free:



Get a free prolongation if you have collected enough bonuses


In the example above you have collected enough bonuses for full prolongation, so you can extend your license for free:



No payment details are necessary for free purchases



Such "free purchases" will cost you nothing (in real money) and will remove corresponding amount from your collected bonuses. You can spend remaining bonuses later and / or continue to collect bonuses.



1. Collected bonus funds can only be spent on maintenance prolongations.
2. Collected bonus funds can not be used to purchase upgrades (e.g. Professional to Enterprise, Single Developer to Company, Company to Corporate).
3. Collected bonus funds can not be used together with real money (e.g. you can not pay $50 with PayPal and pay $25 with collected bonus funds in a same purchase).


If you do not have enough bonuses to purchase a free prolongation - you can chose to get a partial prolongation, e.g. prolongation for a shorter period:



You can chose to purchase a full or a partial prolongation


The purchase flow with bonuses is the same as with real money. You will get same e-mails, invoices, etc. The only difference is that amount of money on invoice and other docs will be $0.00.



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