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How to buy

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Buy EurekaLog


We accept many types of payment: Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, WebMoney, AliPay, Wire Transfer, and many other. We support a wide range of local currencies with affordable exchange rates. You can also order via our world wide resellers (see the full list).


There are three license types:


Single license - single developer, suitable to use by a single person on a reasonable amount of machines and VMs. Not suitable for build servers.
Company license - unlimited developers and machines at single office (geographical address). Suitable for build servers.
Corporate license - unlimited developers at unlimited geographical addresses within same company. Suitable for build servers.


Please refer to complete license text for more information about license differences.


EurekaLog also have three editions:


Trial - it's fully functional edition with (one and only) additional limitation: any application, which is compiled with Trial edition of EurekaLog will expire after 30 days. There will be error message box after 30 days and application will exit. Trial itself may be used for infinite time. This edition can be used to evaluate EurekaLog. You can not use this edition for any commercial development.
Professional - it's fully function edition. This is minimum edition to do actual work except evaluating (including commercial development).
Enterprise - it's the same as Professional edition, except it additionally offers full source code of EurekaLog.


See Features topic for more information about license's differences.




When you buy EurekaLog, you IMMEDIATELY receive download instructions via email. An account on our site will be created for you. You can login in our area for the registered customers here by using your e-mail address as login (you can find your password in the registration e-mail). EurekaLog do not use any license information except your account (login/password pair). I.e. your account data is your license information.



Get access to earlier versions

EurekaLog 7 is the current version of EurekaLog. With EurekaLog, you also get free access to licenses for older versions – EurekaLog 4, EurekaLog 5, and EurekaLog 6. Download links to installers of earlier versions will be available in your control panel after purchase. Please note that old versions are no longer developed nor supported. They are provided only for backward compatibility purposes. You can use them, if you need support old systems (Delphi 3, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, etc.).




The EurekaLog license is royalty-free.

See the complete license text.





All EurekaLog versions are covered by 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just ask for your money back and you will be refunded.


Update Policy

All updates (to minor and major versions) within 1 year are fully free.
All updates (to minor and major versions) after first year are sold with 50% discount (for 1 more year).
Updates to a different license type of the same major version are sold at only price difference (example: from Single Professional version to Company Enterprise).


Note: Please note that update policy stated above is applicable to current EurekaLog version only (i.e. EurekaLog 7). For owners of previous EurekaLog versions - please, refer to upgrade policy for your EurekaLog version.




All EurekaLog versions are covered by full and unlimited support.



Partner discounts

Ordering EurekaLog you receive discounts for other partner products (see partners page for further details).


Buy EurekaLog



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