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Auto-downloader tab

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Auto-downloader tab:




On this tab you can configure the Auto-Downloader feature of EurekaLog Viewer. This tab is not enabled if you've set Viewer to view mode.


You can enable any type of auto-downloader (POP3, IMAP or file) or even few of them at the same time, set their settings - and EurekaLog Viewer will automatically download and import bug-reports from these sources at every run (on startup).


The subject option can be either full subject or a mask. The mask will be passed to RTL's MatchesMask function, so it should follow rules for the MatchesMask function. E.g. ? for a single character, * for any number of characters, [...] for a set with literals and ranges.


Warning: note that EurekaLog Viewer ERASES any e-mail or bug report after successful import.

Be sure that you do not have any other information in these sources except for bug-reports. For e-mail accounts it means establishing a special account, that you'll use only for receiving bug reports.

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