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Print report window

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EurekaLog Viewer's Print preview window:




This window is invoked from main window by selecting one of the "Print" sub-command from toolbar:




(note that toolbar is configurable, if you can't see this button - then you need to reconfigure toolbar and add this button)


This command is not available if there is no active bug report. You need to open or import report first.


This is a standard DevExpress's Printing System.


The header on each list contains short description of the selected report. The next thing is name of the selected tab ("General" in this example) and below is actual data.


To print these lists just press standard print button/command - the "Print" button (or "File"/"Print" menu item). You can also configure its view before printing - use button with gear on toolbar ("Design report", Ctrl + D).


There are many buttons to change zoom - so you can view all lists or only one (also available through "View" menu), navigation buttons (also available through "Go" menu) and many information fields.

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