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Build events page

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This is "Advanced/Build events" page in EurekaLog project's options.



Build events options


This page allows you to specify external application to be executed during application's build process. See also: External tools options page.


1. "Pre-build event command line" option specifies command that is to be performed before the project build starts.



2. "Post-build event command line (on successful build)" option specifies command that is to be performed after the build has successfully completed.



3. "Post-build event command line (on failed build)" option specifies command that is to be performed after the build has failed.



You can use environment variables to customize command-line with variable parts. For example, to specify final exe file name. The following additional pseudo-variables are available to be used in build events:

_IDEProject - full file name of project file. Example: C:\Project\Project.dproj

_IDESource - full file name of source code file of project. Example: C:\Project\Project.dpr

_IDEConfig - full file name of EurekaLog options file. Example: C:\Project\Project.dproj or C:\Project\Project.eof

_IDETarget - full file name of final executable. Example: C:\Project\Win32\Debug\Project.exe

_IDESrc - file name only of the project. Example: Project.dproj

_IDEDst - output folder (with trailing path delimiter). Example: .\Win32\Debug\

Don't forget that you need to enclose variable name in %, for example: %_IDEProject%.
Don't forget to use " for file names with spaces within. Since you don't know exact values for variables - we strongly recommend to enclose variable names in quotes, for example: "%_IDEProject%".
Relative file paths are relative to project's folder.
A common mistake is to confuse success/failure post-build events.
These actions will be executed only when building application with EurekaLog. If you build your application with standard ways and then post-process result with EurekaLog - these actions will not be executed.


Delphi 2009+: IDE has similar options. If you're using EurekaLog in RAD Studio 2009 IDE or newer - it's recommended to use IDE's build events instead of EurekaLog's events. IDE events will be executed always, EurekaLog's events will be executed only when you compile your project with EurekaLog's help.


Delphi 2009+: order of actions during project's compilation is as follows:

1. EurekaLog pre-build event
2. IDE pre-build event
3. Project compile and link
4. IDE post-build event
5. EurekaLog link (post-processing)
6. EurekaLog post-build event


Note: you can insert a post-processing call to ecc32/emake to IDE's post-build event. EurekaLog IDE expert will skip its own post-processing for already processed executables.



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