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Using EurekaLog with other software

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EurekaLog contains various configuration options to allow you to integrate EurekaLog with other 3rd party software tools - such as external debuggers, profilers, executable packers, cryptors, protectors, debug information convertation tools, digital signing tools, etc.



Common information

Different tools have different requirements. Some tools require debug information, other tools require no changing in code (no hooks), etc. You can customize EurekaLog options for various tools on special page in options. Of course, disabling options will result in some sort of compromise: you will disable some features of EurekaLog, but gain more compatibility. Sometimes you will need to write some code to bring missed features back.


Generally, your usual method when integrating EurekaLog with other software should be as follows:

2. Try to compile your application with EurekaLog and external tool. You can use build events to invoke external tool automatically when building the project.
3. If this doesn't work - open EurekaLog project options and go to "External tools" page.
4. Turn off one single option and repeat testing.
5. If this doesn't work - turn off more options.
6. Repeat this process until you get working solution.


The common rule of thumb is not to blindly disable each possible EurekaLog options. Each EurekaLog option allows you to use certain feature. If you disable each option without checking if this was needed at all - you may encounter unexpected behavior (like missed feature behavior).  This is especially true for such options as "Handle every SafeCall exception", "Catch handled exceptions", memory manager options.


You can study hints for options (checkboxes) to read about recommended setup for your tool kind. You can start with switching off not recommended options first. You can also read detailed description of each option here.


Important note: it's highly recommended to keep "Enable extended memory manager" option turned on (you can disable other memory checking options if you want to). Installing filter on memory manager will allow EurekaLog to track life-time of exceptions objects without need to install code hooks.


There are some practical guides available:


A common post-processing order is:

1. Debug information converters;
2. EurekaLog post-processing (IDE expert or a call to ecc32/emake);
3. Compressors/protectors;
4. Digital signature tools;



See also:

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