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Command line options

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EurekaLog Viewer's command line:


Viewer.exe [/New] [/View] [/Import] [/RegisterFileTypes] [/Config=filename] [filename1] [filename2] [filename3] ... [filenameN]


filename1-N - full or relative path of elf-file, which contains report (or any other of the supported file formats). If EurekaLog Viewer is already running - this command will open specified report in the running instance. Do not forget to enclose filename in quotes (") if path contains spaces. For example:


 Viewer.exe c:\Users\Alex\Documents\Report.el


 Viewer.exe Report1.el "Report 2.el" "Report3.elp" "Last month report.elx"


/New - opens a new instance of Viewer, even if there is one instance already running. Can be used to run multiple windows of Viewer or implement "Open in new window" command. Please note, that if Viewer was configured to database mode, you may get an error message for the second instance, as database file will be busy by first instance (Viewer will switch to View mode). You should avoid this switch if you are using Viewer in file-based DB mode or FireBird on local file. Usually this command-line switch is used with "/View" switch. This option can be combined with any other option except RegisterFileTypes.


/View or /Import - specifies a mode to work: view or DB. If you specify this switch then EurekaLog Viewer will ignore its configuration and use the selected mode. Note, that DB mode still will be selected from Viewer configuration. If there is no settings for it - the in-memory DB mode will be selected. Also note, that you can change configuration by using /config switch. This option can be combined with any other option except RegisterFileTypes.


/Config=filename - specifies a special config file, instead of the default one. You can create a configuration file in any place and pass its name as parameter to force Viewer to work with it. Default config file is  stored either in current folder or in %AppData%\EurekaLog path (the last one is a default). For example:


 Viewer.exe "/config=c:\Users\Alexander Alexeev\Documents\ELViewerAlternativeDB.ini"


Please note that Viewer uses registry by default and do not save any configuration on disk. You can enable storing configuration in file either by using this option or by using mobile mode. Also note that specifying this option will not switch Viewer into mobile mode. This option can be combined with any other option except RegisterFileTypes.


/RegisterFileTypes - registers EurekaLog Viewer to view EurekaLog file types. EurekaLog Viewer will exit after registration (thus it can not be combined with other options). Registration of file types requires administration rights and elevation (Vista and above). This command is intended to be used by EurekaLog installer. Do not run this command unless you want to repair broken file associations. This option is ignored in the mobile mode.


Note, that all command line switches are case-insensitive on Windows. I.e. you can use '/new', '/NEW' or '/New' as the same command line switch.



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