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Stationary mode vs mobile mode

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Starting with EurekaLog 7, EurekaLog Viewer now can work in different modes: stationary mode or mobile mode.


Stationary mode is the default mode. It's usual mode, when Viewer is installed on HDD. It is associated with EurekaLog's files (bug reports). It stores configuration in the registry (which though can be altered via command line options). This mode is intended to be used for per-machine installations. You install Viewer on machine and use it on this machine.
Mobile mode is intended to enable Viewer working on removable media (for example: USB stick/drive). Viewer doesn't store any data on the machine in this mode. And it can't be associated with EurekaLog's files (because hosting media can be removed). All configuration is stored in ini-file.


To enable mobile mode: copy Viewer.exe and accompanied DLL files (gds32.dll, icudt30.dll, icuin30.dll, icuuc30.dll, libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll) on a mobile media and create file "EurekaLog_Viewer.ini" (without quotes) in this folder. In other words, you should get this picture (F is flash drive):


F:\EurekaLog Viewer\Viewer.exe

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\gds32.dll

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\icudt30.dll

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\icuin30.dll

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\icuuc30.dll

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\libeay32.dll

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\ssleay32.dll

F:\EurekaLog Viewer\EurekaLog_Viewer.ini


Note that you can alter config file name by using command line options.


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