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DB mode vs View mode

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Starting with EurekaLog 7, EurekaLog Viewer now can work in different modes: database mode or view mode. Current working mode is indicated at title bar of main window. Also, EurekaLog Viewer changes the style of main window to indicate differences between View and DB modes.


View mode

View mode is the old mode from EurekaLog Viewer v3 (from EurekaLog 6). In this mode EurekaLog Viewer works like pure viewer with no database functionality. All reports from bug report file will be displayed - regardless of BugID property. I.e. no merging will occur, no "Count" field will be increased. Report list will be hidden if bug report file contain only single bug report.



View mode


Note, that view mode is indicated by "[View mode]" postfix at title and flat coloring of the toolbar.


Database mode

Database mode was first introduced in EurekaLog Viewer v3 (was included in EurekaLog v6). In this mode EurekaLog Viewer adds every opened report to one global database. I.e. all once opened reports are stored in single place. You can manage them, delete, change, etc. All imported bug reports will be merged by BugID. Only first report with each particular BugID is stored in the database, all following reports with the same BugID will increase "Count" field of first report and will be discarded. If no database is configured, in-memory database will be used. Imported reports are not deleted from disk after import.



DB mode


Note, that DB mode is indicated by "[DB mode: XXX]" postfix and gradient coloring of the toolbar. The "XXX" part displays additional information about current database: its type (it is 'FireBird DB' in this example) and location (it is local file '.\eureka.fdb' in this example).



By default, EurekaLog Viewer works in database mode. However, default action for double-clicking on reports is "View".


EurekaLog Viewer from EurekaLog 7 supports selecting a working mode. You can select either view mode or one of 3 different database modes. Working mode can be also enforced by using a certain command-line switch. Or by using an appropriate file's context command.


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