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...view a report?

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To view a report you can:


if you have elf-file (or any other supported file) - just double-click it. It will be opened in the EurekaLog Viewer:




Note: exact default action for double-click depends on your settings.


you also can open report file from EurekaLog Viewer manually: just click the "Import"/"Open" button and select the desired file or files (use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple files):





The toolbar is configurable, if you can't see this button - then you need to reconfigure toolbar and add this button);
Exact button ("View" or "Import") depends on current work mode.


if Delphi/C++ Builder is running and there is a project opened - you can use "View Exception Log..." command to view locally saved bug report file:




This command will open Viewer for viewing locally saved bug report file (e.g. usually this is something like C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Neos Eureka S.r.l\Bug Reports\YourApp\YourProject.el). If there is no such file - nothing happens.



Only locally saved file is displayed. If you have disabled locally saved bug report file - nothing will happen;
Any files for sending (such as modified bug report file, screenshot and other attached files) do not affect this command;
Complex environment variables (such as current date-time) may prevent this option from working.


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