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Purchase FAQ

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Question: Can you give me a quote or MSRP on your product? What about a discount?

Answer: All pricing and payment options are found on our web-site here:


If you are already a customer - please, log in to your account here: (see also: what if my password for web-site?) - to see available discounts and upgrade options.



Question: Can you give me an invoice for the purchase?

Answer: We are using BlueSnap (formerly: Plimus) as our payment processor. BlueSnap will send you a confirmation e-mail with invoice - once you made a purchase from us. If you do not see this e-mail - check your spam folder.


If you still don't see the e-mail - you can view invoice from your customer's control panel. Log in to your account (see also: what if my password for web-site?). And click on "View payment history" link:



Viewing payment history



Invoice URL


See also: BlueSnap FAQ.



Question: Can I make a purchase with PayPal (WebMoney, AliPay, etc.)? What payment methods do you support?

Answer: Yes. We are using BlueSnap (formerly: Plimus) as our payment processor. BlueSnap offers a variety of payment options, including cards, digital wallets (Apple Pay, MasterPass, etc.), PayPal, ACH/eCheck, SEPA Direct Debit, and more.


Please note that available payment methods depend on country and currency. For example, AliPay is available for customers from China paying with CNY (China Yuan Renminbi).


See also: BlueSnap FAQ.



Question: Can I make a purchase in my local currency?

Answer: Yes. We are using BlueSnap (formerly: Plimus) as our payment processor. BlueSnap supports a wide range of currencies. Our prices are set in USD (United States Dollars). If you select any other currency - price will be converted to the selected currency by BlueSnap.


See also: BlueSnap FAQ.



Question: What are your conversion rates?

Answer: We are using BlueSnap (formerly: Plimus) as our payment processor. BlueSnap's pricing is very competitive. In addition, BlueSnap shows an accurate (exact) price at checkout.


When BlueSnap does the currency conversions, it calculates conversion rate using the live Interbank rates (similar to what you can see on Reuters,, and other sites) and BlueSnap may also add a mark-up that covers the cost of converting currencies for the transaction. The mark-up is different for different groups of currencies.


Please note that you can select currency in which you want to pay.


See also: BlueSnap FAQ.



Question: Are there any local resellers that sell EurekaLog?

Answer: Yes, we have several world-wide resellers. Please, contact reseller for pricing and available options. If you want to change or upgrade your existing license - don't forget to provide your e-mail on which your license is registered. Alternatively, you may provide a license serial number.



Question: Why am I being charged with VAT?

Answer: VAT (Value Added Tax) is a form of sales tax that may be applied to a transaction when you reside in the European Union and is collected by the appropriate tax authorities in accordance with EU regulations.


If you are purchasing as a company and/or have valid VAT ID - you can enter your VATIN during purchase to get VAT tax reduction:



VAT tax accounting during purchase


See also: BlueSnap FAQ.



Question: Why was I charged an amount different from the invoice?

Answer: You are charged the amount displayed on your invoice. However, there are cases in which your card issuer will charge you an additional fee, such as a currency conversion fee. Contact your card issuer for further assistance.


See also: BlueSnap FAQ.



Question: I have purchased EurekaLog. However, my installed EurekaLog still reports itself as "Trial".

Answer: Trial edition of EurekaLog is used only for evaluation. It can not be converted to fully functional edition. You need to uninstall Trial edition of EurekaLog and install full edition (Professional or Enterprise).



Question: I have purchased EurekaLog. Where do I download a purchased version?

Answer: You should be redirected to customer's control panel immediately after purchase. Or you can access your control panel at any time at this address: (see also: what if my password for web-site?). Once logged in - expand your license and pick installer that you want to install.



Downloading EurekaLog installers



Question: What is my password for web-site? I tried to use the provided license and it did not work.

Answer: License serial number is not your password for our web-site. When you make your first purchase on our web-site - you immediately receive the following e-mail:


We have created a new account for you on our web site.


Your credentials are:

Login: your-actual-login

Password: your-actual-password


You can log into your account here:


Please, save password information in a safe place, and delete this e-mail.


Note: your license serial number is not your password!


If you didn't receive the notification e-mail with your password - check you spam folder (e-mail client or server). It's a good idea to add to your white-list for e-mail applications;
If you still don't see this e-mail - it is probably because you already have account on our web-site (e.g. you just made a second purchase for the same e-mail address). If this is the case - you should already have login and password information;
If you know your login (e-mail) and forgot your password - just use "Reset password" function;
If you don't know your login, or if you're unable to resolve your problems - please ask our sales department to reset your password. Provide as much details about your purchase as possible.


Note: you can log in here:



Question: Your installer keeps saying that my purchased license is invalid.

Answer: Do not enter your license's serial number in the installer - it will not work.




License's serial number can NOT be used as license installation key


The easiest way is obtaining license installation key automatically: just enter your login credentials (e-mail / password pair) for our web-site and click "Next". These are the same credentials that you are using to log in to your control panel on our web-site.




Obtaining license automatically


Installer will connect to our web-site and automatically obtain a new license installation key from a suitable license. You can continue with installation as usual. Of course, this option requires you to have a live internet connection during installation.


See also: supplying license for the installer.



Question: How do I make a refund / money-back?

Answer: Please, contact our support and provide any purchase details that you have. If you are eligible for 60-days money-back - you do not need to provider anything else, except your explicit request. For any other cases - please, provide a detailed explanation of your request.



Question: My question is not listed in this FAQ?

Answer: Take a look at our video tutorials, another FAQ sections, "How to" section, BlueSnap FAQ, or contact our support.

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