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Licensing FAQ

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Question: Do you have a demo, so I can evaluate your product before purchasing?

Answer: Yes, of course. We have a precompiled demo application, which you can simply run. Moreover, we have a free Trial edition, which you can use with your applications to evaluate EurekaLog before purchase. Both can be found on our public downloads page.



Question: What is the difference between Trial, Professional, Enterprise editions?

Answer: EurekaLog comes in three editions:

Trial - it's fully functional edition with (one and only) additional limitation: any application compiled with Trial edition of EurekaLog will expire after 30 days. There will be error message box after 30 days and application will exit. Trial itself may be used for infinite time. This edition can be used to evaluate EurekaLog. You can not use this edition for any commercial development.
Professional - it's fully function edition. This is minimum edition to do actual work except evaluating (including commercial development).
Enterprise - it's the same as Professional edition, except it additionally offers full source code of EurekaLog.


See Features and Editions for more information. See also: our license (EULA).



Question: What is the difference between Single Developer, Company, Corporate licenses?

Answer: EurekaLog comes in three license types:

Single license - single developer. This license can be used by a single person on reasonable amount of machines (including virtual machines) - without simultaneous use. Can not be used on build servers.
Company license - unlimited company developers at one geographical address. This license can be used by any amount of developers at single office. Suitable for use on build servers.
Corporate license - unlimited corporation developers at unlimited geographical addresses. This unlimited license can be used by any number of developers at any office - as long as all offices belongs to the same corporation.


See Features and Editions for more information. See also: our license (EULA).



Question: What if I need more than 30 days to evaluate EurekaLog?

Answer: No problem. Trial edition does not expire. You can use it as long as you want. It is your application that will expire after 30 days from compilation. You can simply recompile your application from time to time to continue testing.



Question: Do I need Internet connection for my developer machine?

Answer: No. You do not need Internet access on your machine. While EurekaLog's installer checks license online, you can obtain license key file for offline installation. EurekaLog installer itself is self-contained (e.g., it is not a downloader). You can also disable online checking for a new EurekaLog version.



Question: Does EurekaLog-enabled application require Internet connection?

Answer: No. You do not need Internet access to run your applications. EurekaLog does not check license when compiled in your application. You can disable sending bug reports and store all reports only locally (or even don't store at all - just show error dialogs).



Question: I see something about 1 year on your "Buy Now" page. Does it mean that I have to purchase EurekaLog again after 1 year?

Answer: No. Once purchased - you can use EurekaLog forever without limitations.


You will also gain free access to all future versions within one year. This is called "maintenance period". However, if you want to have access to newer versions after one year - you will have to purchase a prolongation of your license (sold with great discount).



Question: My license is expired, I don't want to purchase prolongation. Can I still download and/or install EurekaLog?

Answer: Absolutely. Your customer's control panel will contain links to all installers available for your license. You can download any old installer and install EurekaLog without any limitations.



Question: Do I have to prolong license exactly on its expiration day?

Answer: No. You are free to extend your license whenever you want: on expiration day, before/earlier (while license is not expired yet), and even after/later (when license is already expired) - the price will be the same. E.g., there is no penalty for missing expiration day, so you can prolong your license, say, once in 2-3 years. In other words, you can prolong your license only when needed (new features in latest versions, etc.).



Question: If I prolong my license earlier, how maintenance period will be calculated?

Answer: You will not lose any maintenance time, the additional year will be added to (after) your expiration day. For example, if you decide to prolong your license in the middle of its maintenance period - you would get 1.5 years of maintenance period.



Question: If my license was expired long time ago, do I have to purchase several prolongations to get up to date?

Answer: No, the prolongation price is the same. And newly purchased maintenance period will start on purchase date. E.g., there is no penalty for missing expiration day, so you can prolong your license, say, once in 2-3 years. In other words, you can prolong your license only when needed (new features in latest versions, etc.).



Question: What if I am not satisfied with EurekaLog?

Answer: No problem. We offer 60 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We are not happy, if you are not happy.



Question: How do I make a refund / money-back?

Answer: Please, contact our support and provide any purchase details that you have. If you are eligible for 60-days money-back - you do not need to provider anything else, except your explicit request. For any other cases - please, provide a detailed explanation of your request.



Question: Can I transfer license to another person or company? What if our company details were changed?

Answer: If you have only one license or want to change details for all licenses (e.g. company was renamed, e-mail changed, etc.) - then you can simply edit your account details. Log in to your control panel: Once logged in - open your profile settings:




Editing your profile settings


If you want to move only one license of multiple licenses, or if you want to merge several accounts together - please, contact our support.



Question: My question is not listed in this FAQ?

Answer: Take a look at our video tutorials, another FAQ sections, "How to" section, or contact our support.

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