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EurekaLog IDE expert

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EurekaLog installs a .bpl packages into IDE. This adds a EurekaLog component and installs an IDE expert.


"IDE expert" is a special term. IDE expert is a library or a package, which extends IDE by using special published interfaces. Those interfaces are called OpenTools API (OTA).


So, why EurekaLog needs that expert, and when you don't need it?


EurekaLog installs IDE expert to do the following:

Adds menu items to invoke EurekaLog.
Allows you to edit global / IDE EurekaLog options.
Allows you to edit project's EurekaLog options.



"EurekaLog" / "post-processing" stage during compilation. Notice "EurekaLog:" prefix on second line.


Don't see EurekaLog IDE expert working?


Now, back to the question: can you don't use IDE expert? Yes - you can uninstall IDE expert, if you don't want/need it. For example, you don't want to install EurekaLog on build's server. That's totally OK.


Here is what you can use instead:

Adds menu items to invoke EurekaLog - you can add shortcuts to Tools menu manually, or you can run EurekaLog parts from the Start / Programs menu.
Allows you to edit global / IDE EurekaLog options - you can use an external Debug Symbols Setup tool to setup global EurekaLog settings, which are not related to IDE.
Allows you to edit project's EurekaLog options - you can use an external settings editor to edit options in projects or .eof files.
Performs a post-processing of your project - you can invoke a EurekaLog command-line compiler to do post-processing manually. An alternative (easiest) way is to use MS-Build on Delphi 2007+ or FinalBuilder.



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