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IDE menu items (IDE commands)

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EurekaLog places new menu items in IDE under Project and Tools root menu items:



EurekaLog menu items in Project menu



EurekaLog menu items in Tools menu


Please note that exact location and items may be different - it depends on your environment (installed IDE experts).


Don't see those menu items? Check if EurekaLog is properly installed. Don't need these items? See alternatives.


There can be the following IDE menu items:

Project / EurekaLog options - this command opens EurekaLog's settings for current project. If there is no current project, this command opens options for default project. This command should not be confused with Tools / EurekaLog / EurekaLog IDE options command (see below).
Tools / EurekaLog / View exception log - this command opens EurekaLog Viewer with opened bug report for current project. If such bug report doesn't exists - no action taken (there will be informational message).
Tools / EurekaLog / IDE options - opens EurekaLog settings. This is global settings for EurekaLog. It's different from Project / EurekaLog options command, which opens settings for current project only. I.e. Project / EurekaLog options command invokes global settings, Tools / EurekaLog / EurekaLog IDE options command invokes per-project settings.
Tools / EurekaLog / Address lookup - this command is analog of Start menu's shortcut for Address Lookup tool.
Tools / EurekaLog / Error lookup - this command is analog of Start menu's shortcut for Error lookup tool.
Tools / EurekaLog / PE Analyzer - this command is analog of Start menu's shortcut for PE Analyzer tool.
Tools / EurekaLog / Threads snapshot - this command is analog of Start menu's shortcut for Thread Snapshot tool.
Tools / EurekaLog / Viewer - this command is analog of Start menu's shortcut for EurekaLog Viewer tool.
Tools / EurekaLog / Send feedback - this command opens your default e-mail client to allow you to share your feedback, opinions, make a suggestion or report a bug. Please, use the next command (Need help? Get support!) for asking questions.
Tools / EurekaLog / Need help? Get Support! - this command opens your default internet browser to allow you to ask a question to our tech-support.
Tools / EurekaLog / EurekaLog Video Tutorial - launches a video tutorial for new users.
Tools / EurekaLog / EurekaLog Help - opens EurekaLog help file.
Tools / EurekaLog / About EurekaLog - shows standard "About" window. You can see a version of installed EurekaLog here.



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